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Visual Face Re Identification on a Battery-Powered Multi-Core Edge Processor
Manuele Rusci · Francesco Paci · Martin Croome · Maxim Zemlyanikin · Alexander Smorkalov (Russia Xperience AI) Smorkalov · Anna Petrovicheva

Mon Mar 04:00 PM -- 07:00 PM PST @ Ballroom B + C

This demo shows a visual-based Face Re-Identification application running on the multicore low-power processor GAP8. The systems runs a face detection pipeline and a CNN-based face recognition task while being battery-operated. By means of this application, we showcase the flexibility of the GAP8 hardware-software stack for enabling Artificial Intelligence at the edge.

Author Information

Manuele Rusci (Università di Bologna)
Francesco Paci (Greenwaves Tech)
Martin Croome (Greenwaves Tech)
Maxim Zemlyanikin (Russia Xperience AI)
Alexander Smorkalov (Russia Xperience AI) Smorkalov (Russia Xperience AI)
Anna Petrovicheva (Russia Xperience AI)

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