3D Adversarial Object against MSF-based Perception in Autonomous Driving
Yulong Cao · Ningfei Wang · Chaowei Xiao · Dawei Yang · Jin Fang · Ruigang Yang · Alfred Chen · Mingyan Liu · Bo Li

Mon Mar 2nd 06:00 -- 09:00 PM @ Ballroom B + C

In Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), Multi-Sensor Fusion (MSF) is used to combine perception results from multiple sensors such as LiDARs (Light Detection And Ranging) and cameras for both accuracy and robustness. In this work, we design the first attack that fundamentally defeats MSF-based AV perception by generating adversarial objects. This demonstration will include both live actions and interactive demonstrations for the generated adversarial objects, attack effectiveness, and the end-to-end consequences.

Author Information

Yulong Cao (U. of Michigan)
Ningfei Wang (UC Irvine)
Chaowei Xiao (U. of Michigan)
Dawei Yang (U. of Michigan)
Jin Fang (Baidu Research)
Ruigang Yang (Baidu Research)
Alfred Chen (UC Irvine)
Mingyan Liu (U. of Michigan)
Bo Li (U. of Illinois)