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                                  Outstanding Paper Awards 2021


Congratulations to the following list of outstanding papers for Machine Learning and Systems 2021

A Deep Learning Based Cost Model for Automatic Code Optimization

Riyadh Baghdadi (MIT)*; Massinissa Merouani (ESI); Mohamed-Hicham Leghettas (ESI); Kamel Abdous (ESI); Taha Arbaoui (UTT); Karima Benatchba (ESI); Saman Amarasinghe (MIT)

Cortex: A Compiler for Recursive Deep Learning Models

Pratik P Fegade Pratik P Fegade (Carnegie Mellon University)*; Tianqi Chen (Carnegie Mellon University); Phillip B Gibbons (CMU); Todd Mowry (Carnegie Mellon University)

Data Movement Is All You Need: A Case Study on Optimizing Transformers

Andrei Ivanov (ETH Zurich); Nikoli Dryden (ETH Zurich)*; Tal Ben-Nun (ETH Zurich); Shigang Li (ETH Zurich); Torsten Hoefler (ETH Zürich)

In-network Aggregation for Shared Machine Learning Clusters

Nadeen Gebara (Imperial College London)*; Manya Ghobadi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)); Paolo Costa (Microsoft)

TT-Rec: Tensor Train Compression for Deep Learning Recommendation Models

Chunxing Yin (Georgia Institute of Technology)*; Bilge Acun (Facebook AI Research); Carole-Jean Wu (Facebook AI Research); Xing Liu (Facebook)