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Fifth Conference on Machine Learning and Systems · Santa Clara
Santa Clara Convention Center
Mon Aug 29th through Sep 1st, 2022


MLSYS 2022 will be in person only, no hybrid/virtual attendance supported. We strongly encourage attendees to wear masks, be vaccinated, and to social distance. We will follow all government and venue guidelines. Face shields will be available for poster presenters; masks will be available for registrants and strongly encouraged. If you are having any Covid symptoms, we ask that you stay home or at your hotel.

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Students Travel Award

We thank NSF generously supported students travel awards this year.



We would like to thank our (growing) list of sponsors for their strong support for the MLSys Community. If your company would like to sponsor, please let us know.

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Conference Overview

The Conference on Machine Learning and Systems targets research at the intersection of machine learning and systems. The conference aims to elicit new connections amongst these fields, including identifying best practices and design principles for learning systems, as well as developing novel learning methods and theory tailored to practical machine learning workflows. Topics include:

  • Efficient model training, inference, and serving
  • Privacy and security for ML applications
  • Fairness, interpretability and explainability for ML applications
  • ML programming models and abstractions
  • Programming languages for machine learning
  • Specialized hardware for machine learning
  • Machine Learning for Systems
  • Distributed and parallel learning algorithms
  • Testing, debugging, and monitoring of ML applications
  • Data preparation, feature selection, and feature extraction
  • ML compilers and runtime
  • Visualization of data, models, and predictions
  • Hardware-efficient ML methods
  • Systems for Machine Learning

Important Dates

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CameraReadyDeadline Mar 18 '22 01:00 PM PDT *
Registration Opens Jun 20 '22 01:00 PM PDT *
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Organizing Committee


General Chair

Diana Marculescu, UT Austin

Program Chairs

Yuejie Chi, CMU
Carole-Jean Wu, Facebook

Workshop and Tutorial Chairs

Chris De Sa, Cornell
Helen Li, Duke

Workflow Chair

Boyue Li, CMU

Sponsor Chair

Wen-ming Ye, Amazon

Publications Chair

Jakub Konečný, Google

Artifact Evaluation Chairs

Tianqi Chen, CMU
Brandon Reagen, NYU

Panel and Young Professional Activities Chair

Udit Gupta, Harvard/FAIR

The organizers can be contacted here

Program Committee »



Ameet Talwalkar (President)
Virginia Smith (Secretary)
Inderjit Dhillon (Treasurer)
Matei Zaharia
Dimitris Papailiopoulos 
Vivienne Sze
Alex Dimakis
Alex Smola
Ion Stoica

Steering Committee

Jennifer Chayes 
Bill Dally 
Jeff Dean 
Michael I. Jordan 
Yann LeCun 
Fei-Fei Li 
Alex Smola 
Dawn Song 
Eric Xing


Mission Statement 

The non-profit corporation that runs MLSys aims to foster the exchange of research advances at the intersection of machine learning and systems, principally by hosting an annual interdisciplinary academic conference with the highest ethical standards for a diverse and inclusive community.


About the Conference 

The MLSys community recognized that many critical future challenges are at the intersection of Machine Learning and Systems. The community was created to solve these exciting problems by recognizing the needs for scaling interdisciplinary collaboration as well as the importance of working together between industry and academia.

The community has come together to create a new conference for research spanning ML and systems, MLSys. The goal is to make a home for exceptional new research, a venue to showcase the growing trend, and more importantly a way to scale ever more complex research collaboration.

The steering committee and program committees consist of 50 leading members of emerging machine learning systems area coming from industry and academia with expertise ranging from machine learning to systems to security. The MLSys community welcomes industry participation and sponsorships, we believe the investment will pay dividend in both technology advancement and industry growth for years to come.