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Fourth Conference on Machine Learning and Systems ·
Virtual-only Conference
Mon Apr 5th through Fri the 9th, 2021

Conference Overview

The Conference on Machine Learning and Systems targets research at the intersection of machine learning and systems. The conference aims to elicit new connections amongst these fields, including identifying best practices and design principles for learning systems, as well as developing novel learning methods and theory tailored to practical machine learning workflows. Topics include:

  • Computer architecture
  • Computer networks
  • Computer security
  • Databases
  • Design automation
  • Embedded & real-time systems
  • High-performance computing
  • Mobile computing
  • Measurement & perf. analysis
  • Operating systems
  • Programming languages
  • Software engineering



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Organizing Committee


General Chair

Alex Smola (Amazon)

Program Chairs

Alex Dimakis, UT, Austin
Ion Stoica, UC, Berkeley

Workshop Chairs

Joey Gonzalez, UC, Berkeley
Theodoros Rekatsinas, UW, Madison

Sponsor Chair

Wen-ming Ye (Amazon)

Publications Chair

Jakub Konečný

The organizers can be contacted here

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