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Invited Talk
Workshop: Cloud Intelligence: AI/ML for Efficient and Manageable Cloud Services

Invited Talk #2: Towards a General ML for Systems Methodology

Martin Maas


Martin Maas is a Staff Research Scientist at Google Research and part of the Brain team. His research interests are in language runtimes, computer architecture, systems, and machine learning, with a focus on applying machine learning to systems problems. Before joining Google, Martin completed his PhD in Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley, where he worked on hardware support for managed languages and architectural support for memory-trace obliviousness.

Abstract: Machine learning has the potential to significantly improve computer systems. While recent research in this area has shown great promise, not all problems are equally well-suited for applying ML techniques, and some remaining challenges have prevented wider adoption of ML techniques in systems. In this talk, I will introduce a taxonomy to classify machine learning for systems approaches, discuss how to identify cases that are a good fit for machine learning, and lay out a longer-term vision of how we can improve systems using ML techniques, ranging from computer architecture to language runtimes.

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